Live, online classes in SFX makeup for teens

Artists of all abilities welcome!

SFX 101

A 5-class introductory course for all things SFX makeup! Learn to recreate the best glam, gore, & illusion effects from TV and movies! 🎬 


A step beyond the basics, this 5-class course features advanced latex looks to hone the techniques of any budding SFX artist! 🖌️ 


Young makeup artists are invited to put their skills to the test while hanging out with fellow SFX lovers! This ongoing makeup and facepaint social club features new SFX challenges each week! 💢 


A color-intensive SFX face paint course focused on all looks bright and bold!   🎨 


Get a private one-on-one session dedicated to the SFX look of your choice - gore, fantasy, acting, cosplay: it's all possible together! 💄

Perfect for Halloween, film acting,  stage theatre, cosplay - or any time!

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Ms. Alex has worked with hundreds of students over the past decade, and her original curriculum has reached thousands more.

A dedicated educator, she believes student engagement is the key to a successful education.